How to hang pictures

Picture hanging tips: how to hang pictures just right!

You can go the good old fashion way and use a hammer and nails or a drill and screws. We’ll explain more on those methods below.

If you want to hang your pictures the easy way, use a picture hanging system…


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STAS picture hanging systems1. How to hang pictures at the right place

• The ideal height: the center of the picture is at eye level.
• Keep an eye on the general appearance, when hanging more than one picture. Find the right balance regarding size, color and design. Leave about 1 – 5 inch space between the pictures. The less pictures you are hanging, the closer together they should be.

• Is your room relatively small? A big painting can increase the feeling of space.
• Would you like to create a sense of height? Try several smaller pictures placed vertically

• Create coherence by placing a small picture near a a piece of furniture or a lamp.

2. Hanging the picture
• Use a water level tool. Mark the wall with a pencil at the right spots.
• For stone walls: use a solid steel nail or drill hole and use a nylon screw plug. Use a regular screw or screw hook (or more than one for heavy frames and paintings). A single nail is sufficient for lighter paintings. Use a screw and screw plug for big and heavy wall decorations.
• When hanging a painting with picture wire at the back: makes sure it has the right length. When the frame is tilted forward the wire might be too long. The same problem occurs when the wire is placed too far towards the middle of the frame.


3. How to hang pictures with a picture hanging system from STAS
If you don’t want to damage your walls by drilling holes in them…use a picture hanging system from STAS! Check out the shop to choose your picture hanging system. Each product page contains a video with mounting instructions for the specific picture rail system.


• Sometimes the use of two cords and hooks instead of one makes it easier to hang the picture straight.
• Lighting your pictures properly is very important as well. You can choose between LED or halogen lamps. A very good solution is the STAS multirail system. This system allows you to hang and light your pictures simultaneously. Read more about hanging & lighting your art.


Drilling holes in the wall is no longer necessary after mounting the STAS picture rail; hang and rearrange your pictures without using nails!


Interested in buying an art hanging system?

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On this website you will find an overview of the many hanging solutions developed by STAS and helps you decide which hanging system best suits your situation.

STAS picture hanging systems

If you want to hang your pictures the easy way, use a picture hanging system…